The Best Yoga Studios in Orlando

Yoga offers strength, flexibility and a still point of peace in an ever-shifting world. Our busy professional lives and even our beautiful city of Orlando often requires a valuable adjustment in perspective to truly appreciate. Behind all the psychic clutter we drag around with us lies the lives we’ve always sought, if only we had the right eyes to see them.


It’s time to open our 3rd eyes to the amazing options out there. Here are the best yoga studios in Orlando.




Orlando Power Yoga teaches a Baron Baptiste style of yoga that emphasizes the flow (or vinyasa) between the traditional, static asana poses as much as the poses themselves. The room is kept to around 90 degrees fahrenheit to help increase flexibility and release toxins. And the fast-paced flow between poses will melt away fat and build muscle.


If you’re curious about yoga or you’re exploring new studios, OPY offers an unbeatable offer to new students: 40 days of yoga for $40. Stop lounging around in shavasana and check ‘em out!   




Warrior ONE is another Baptiste affiliate offering a variety of classes at all skill levels. They have both heated and non-heated classes with a vow to “meet you right where you are and grow with you in the creation of a happy and healthy life.” Warrior ONE fouces on community. They describe themselves as a “teaching studio” with multiple 200 and 300-hour teacher certification sessions every year.




Project 7 Yoga brings nirvana to the masses. All classes are just $7! “We believe yoga isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity,” their website declares. Based in downtown Orlando, The Culture Trip praises them for their instructors, who are “known for being incredibly friendly and welcoming to yoga beginners.” With their emphasis on safe and effective movement, deep breathing and meditation, Project 7 will heighten your awareness without lightening your wallet.


You need a break from your busy, city life. And we’re not talking about just another happy hour. You owe it to yourself to be good to your mind and body. Check out the best yoga studios Orlando has to offer!