The Best Breakfast Spots in Orlando

You’re up early! You want a good breakfast and you want it now. But where are the best places to go? Who’s serving up the yummiest eggs, tastiest hash browns and most delicious coffee? Today’s blog is all about the best breakfast spots in Orlando – and trust us, you’re going to want to get up early to try these places out.

First up is Se7en Bites located at 617 N. Primrose Drive. You know a place is good when the line seems to be out of the door every single day – and it is! Se7en Bites specializes in nostalgic Southern comfort foods. The owner/chef, Trina, treats you like you’re her best customer ever (and, frankly, we’ll take that mantle even if it’s not true). We sampled the What The Cluck (grilled chicken club sandwich), their chicken and waffle topped with a peach, and the Cuban sandwich and loved each one. Order up front, take a number, and go find a seat. It’s delicious.

Next up, we recommend Keke’s Breakfast Café. Located at 7512 Dr. Phillips Blvd, Keke’s is open seven days a week from 7am to 2:30pm. We sampled the scrambled eggs, bacon and chocolate chip pancakes and loved them.  The pancakes are so huge that you could just get one of those and be filled. Service was great and prices are very reasonable – we love Keke’s!

Also making the list of the best breakfast spots in Orlando is Dixie Belle’s located at 7125 S. Orange Ave. Dixie Belles Cafe is a locally owned family style restaurant opened in 2007. They feature a blend of classic American home cooked favorites with some traditional Mexican dishes as well. It’s also pet friendly so bring along your furry friends! We sampled the sweet potato biscuits, vegetable soup, and the Farmer John’s breakfast – and they all went down a treat!

All that’s left is for you to get out of bed early tomorrow and head on over to one of these locations. We hope you enjoyed this blog of the best breakfast spots in Orlando as much as we had writing it!