The Best Food Trucks In Orlando

Orlando is blessed with tons of food trucks – some good, some not so good, but some that are great. Which are the great ones? The best of the best? We’re dedicating this week’s blog to finding out the best food trucks in Orlando just for you!

We’re gonna start off with the Monsta Lobsta Truck (which just sounds fun saying it out loud!). Monsta Lobsta is a lobster roll business that sells delicious lobster rolls that are affordable, nutritional and delectable. We sampled the Monsta Lobsta meal which came with an 8oz of lobster on a toasted New England style bun, chips, pickle and a drink – and it was heaven! We also sampled the Spicy Lobster Roll Smothered in Bisque (4oz of lobster blended with fat cat purry purry gourmet hot sauce on a toasted New England style bun smothered in lobster bisque) along with the Blue Crab roll (4oz of blue crab claw meat).

Next up on our blog of the best food trucks in Orlando is The Crepe Company. Orlando’s original crepe-maker has served its handheld creations since 2009. The Crepe Company’s talented team is devoted to crafting the ultimate Crepe Experience, with unique and delicious Breakfast, Entree, and Sweet offerings. The crepes are made perfectly thin, rolled into a cone and easy to eat. Se sampled (and loved) the Monte Cristo and the Nutella & Banana. You can find them every Sunday at the Orlando Market.

We think you’ll also love Guacamoli Co. This seasonal truck serves fresh guacamole and Mexican inspired dishes to the Orlando area. Try one of four of Guacamoli’s freshly made guacamoles: simple, mild, spicy or tropical. We sampled the Rice Bowl, Florida Burrito and Guacamoli Fries and loved them. Great street tacos, guac, and California Burrito.

Rounding up our blog on the best food trucks in Orlando is Sushi & Seoul On The Roll. It’s currently Florida’s only sushi food truck. We sampled the Volcano Roll and it was just as good – if not better – than any restaurant. You also need to get the avocado fries in your mouth. They have the best and most imaginative combinations in the Orlando area; the sushi is always fresh, and it’s making fans everywhere it goes. We now count ourselves amongst them!

We hope you can find any of these food trucks because your mouth will love you if you do.