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Green Amenity Features

Altis Sand Lake’s Green Features

Incorporating energy efficient features and functions to your home works towards achieving the goal of sustainability of your apartment, reduces environmental footprints and is cost effective. Check out our list of eco friendly highlights at Altis Sandlake. A green way of living, is a way of life.

  • Programmable thermostat – This convenient function saves energy and reduces power bill costs. You can control your climate to fit your comfort and needs.
  • Individual unit electric meter & sub-metered water – Monitor and record accurate, real time, energy consumption. Get a comparison of usage from timeline of use and recognize and eliminate wasted energy.
  • Energy efficient designer lighting – Good for the environment, beautiful for the interior look of your apartment. CFL and LED lightning operates half the amount of energy regular bulbs do. You can read more about the benefits of eco friendly lighting systems here.
  • ENERGY STAR® refrigerator and dishwasher –  The trustworthy and dependable home appliance brand, Energy Star is the highlight product of our community kitchens. The top of the line, energy efficient home products are always sleek with design and latest in innovation.
  • Energy saving, high efficiency cooling unit with Aquatherm® heating and Natural Gas water heater – Save time and save water.


Best Food From Orlando Farmer’s Market to Grill

If you love to taste and cook produce that’s fresh, in season and full of flavor, a trip to the weekly farmers market in Orlando is absolutely necessary. We don’t have time for over processed, artificial food to not fuel our bodies the way it’s supposed to! Nourish yourself with the variety of flavors provided from the local farmers and small businesses that surround our great city. Know where your food comes from and maybe enjoy a lesson or two on preparation from the people that grow it. A trip to the farmers market is a shopping experience that helps the community, economy and your health. We’ve listed the best, in season superfoods to pick up on your next trip out.

Peaches – Not only are peaches soft and sweet, but it’s rich with important minerals like calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium. The power fruit is low in calories, contains no fat or cholesterol and a great source of fiber. For those cheat days, you can prepare yourself a delicious peach cobbler. Don’t worry, it’ll be our secret!

Red Potatoes – This is a food that visually pops in any dish! While we know that potatoes are one of the most tastiest vegetables in the world, it has been said that it’s one of the healthiest. The red potato in particular holds most of it’s nutrients in it’s colorful skin filled with fiber, B vitamins, iron and potassium.

Studies have also shown that red potatoes increases energy and lowers stress levels. Whether it’s baked, whipped or fried, you’ll enjoy eating the veggie and get all the great benefits that come with it!

Watermelon – One of our favorite parts of summer is going to a picnic on a hot summer day and biting into a juicy watermelon slice! This delicious and refreshing fruit contains about 92% of water with high levels of vitamins A, B6, c and a list of other nutrients and antioxidants. We recommend preparing a thirst quenching watermelon juice beverage for your next sunny gathering out!

Catch your Orlando Farmers Market every Sunday from 10AM to 4PM at Downtown’s Lake Eola Park!

Address: 512 E Washington St, Orlando, FL 32801