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Rainy Day Activities

April showers bring May flowers, but they can also force you to waste a perfectly good afternoon indoors. Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for a bright and colorful Spring, but sometimes rainy days bring us down and with summertime just around the corner, no one wants to feel sad or bored just because it’s raining outside. Our solution! We’ve complied a list of fun DIY projects to keep yourself busy and sane during rainy days in Orlando. 

Let’s face it, it’s going to be raining quite a bit over the next month. Not all pups like to go out when it’s wet, so why not make a raincoat so they can still enjoy walks and playtime in our dog park? Follow this link for a simple step-by-step guide to making your pup an adorable little all-weather outfit. The best part? You can take part in the #upcycling movement and make use of an old coat that you’re no longer wearing. Helloooo, Earth Day!Dog Park2

We’ve been seeing succulents and terrariums ALL OVER THE INTERNET, so we’ve decided to try our hand in making our own using these instructions. The verdict? It’s surprisingly quick and easy! Start with a creative glass container – an old coffee pot will work, but if you’re feeling adventurous you can use this as an excuse to hit up the local thrift store (with $20 in your pocket). Next, stop by the pet store for colored aquarium gravel and/or the craft store for some sand. All you’ve got to do now, is layer your ‘ingredients’ and top everything with a succulent or two from the local Trader Joe’s (or literally any store these days). Worried about your not-so-green thumb? All terrariums need is some occasional sunlight and a spritz of water!

These DIYs are a creative way to keep yourself busy during dreary rainy days. Once summer rolls around, you’ll have some awesome terrariums to show off and plenty of Insta-worthy pics of your pup rocking a raincoat. If all else fails, you can always just play a round of pool in our clubroom! 😉 Pool Room


Outdoor Fun in Orlando

Central Florida is gifted. From its lagoons and lakes, to parks and adventurous terrain, Orlando, and the surrounding areas, is home to many exciting and thrilling outdoor experiences. 


And while there are some leisure activities that made this list, there are also others that are better suited for thrill seekers. And, as always, be on the lookout for alligators.

Given its climate and proximity to the water, Paddleboard Orlando is a great combination of exercise and adventure. Offering private and group lessons, Paddleboard Orlando has a seasoned staff of professionals who ensure that your experience is a hit. From the basics, all the way to its advanced Wekiva River tour, PBO not only teaches paddle boarding, but also provides unique and exciting trips down the river. And, if this isn’t enough, there is also the Crystal River Manatee experience, where visitors can swim with the endangered sea cows.

Sticking with the water theme, Peace of Mind Kayak Tours  offers a different kind of nautical experience, with tours of Merritt Island, the Econolahatchee River, and the Butler chain of lakes. Reservations are required, and make sure to work on that upper body strength, as kayaking is as rigorous as it is fun.

Right in the heart of downtown, the Orlando Urban Trail allows visitors to explore the city by bike, and take in notable sights like Lake Formosa, Loch Haven Park, and Orwin Manor. Riders will witness picturesque views of the city’s natural treasures.

Back on the water, Kelly Park is an ideal location for a relaxing day. With affordable inner tube rentals on site, the lazy river-style lagoon is a hit with locals, offering an idyllic environment to swim, tube, and picnic with friends and family.

And, as a must for any list of outdoor activities in Orlando, we’re recommending Black Hammock Adventures, located just east of Orlando and north of Oviedo. With its airboat rides and gator park, Black Hammock Adventures is more than just a day trip through the gator-infested waters of the central Florida’s lakes and rivers. The complex also features a full-service restaurant, bar, and live music venue. And there are also bird-watching tours to Bird Island, where visitors have spotted white pelicans, bald eagles, black vultures, wild turkeys, and snowy egrets, just to name a few.

So break out your swimsuits and best outdoor wear, and definitely don’t forget the sunscreen. It’s time to check out all of the finest outdoor activities in Orlando.