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Back to School: Book Shopping Tips for Kids

Perhaps your child enjoys reading, or you are trying to encourage your child to read. Regardless, make note of the following back to school shopping tips for choosing books for children.

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    A kid with both thumbs up
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    Allow your child to select books for himself once he begins to show preference for one book over another.

  • Go to the children’s section at the public library.
  • Discover what interests your child and find books that are similar to her interests.
  • Ask other people for suggestions of books that their child has enjoyed.
  • If you are reading a book to your child and he does not like it, don’t continue reading it. Reading books together should be enjoyable.
  • Read a variety of different books to find out what interests your child.
  • Choose books that you will enjoy reading aloud to your child. Your excitement and enjoyment can be seen by your child.

Our Altis Sand Lake apartment homes are near great shopping, so plan to go book shopping with your child today!

Are you searching for an upscale place to call home in Orlando? If so, make sure to contact us for detailed information about our housing community or to tour our apartments.

outdoor party

Tips on Organizing a Stress-Free Outdoor Party

Our Altís Sand Lake community is the perfect spot to host an outdoor party, as we offer a swimming pool, barbecue stations and outdoor kitchen. Use the following summer party ideas to organize a stress-free outdoor party.

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    Kids at a birthday party
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    Create a To-Do List: Create a to-do lists of everything you need to take care of before the party, and tackle those tasks as soon as possible.

  • Create a Playlist: What is a party without a little music? Create your playlist in advance and have it playing when guests arrive.
  • Stylish Bug Repellent: Use scented citronella votive candles to repel mosquitoes. They’re attractive and leave a lovely fragrance.
  • Two Tubs For Drinks: Place your drinks in the refrigerator for at least two hours, before moving them into a storage tub of ice. Place another tub next to it, and ask your guests to use it for recycling empty cans and bottles.
  • Extra Plates: If you are hosting a buffet-style party, be sure to plan on two or three disposable plates per guest.

You are welcome to exchange summer party ideas with other residents on our Altís Sand Lake Facebook page, or learn more about community’s amenities by contacting our leasing office.

open window

How to Stay Cool on Summer Nights

There’s no denying it: Orlando can get uncomfortably hot at the height of summer. From balmy mornings to blazing afternoons, Orlando is can get truly hot in the summertime.

open window

An open window in the side of the building
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But though many of us can tolerate this weather while out and about at work, school and/or local events, it is hard to sleep well when your bedroom remains hot even after sundown. This is why we have put together a few tips on how to stay cool on summer nights at Altís Sand Lake.

  • Close The Curtains: Keep the curtains to your bedroom closed during the day, since direct sunlight could heat up the bedroom.
  • Cooler Breeze: If the breeze from your standing or tabletop fan is not cool enough, place a bowl of ice in front of it to create a cooler breeze.
  • Cold Shower or Bath: Use cooler water when taking your nightly shower or bath. It will lower your body temperature, and continue to cool you off even after you are finished.
  • Open Your Window: Open your window at night to let in a cool breeze, but be sure to close the window before the sun hits your apartment the next morning.
  • Box Fan in Your Window: Placing a box fan in an open window will circulate a cool breeze around your bedroom.

Exchange tips on how to stay cool with your neighbors on our Altís Sand Lake Facebook page. You can start moving into our community before summer is over by contacting us today.


Take Advantage of our Fitness Center with these Exercises

Is staying active important to you? If so, you should think about working out at our apartments with fitness centers in Orlando.


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Residents have year-round access to community amenities and equipment, which include exercise balls, treadmills and free weights. After burning some calories, you can unwind and socialize with a game of pool or meals prepared with farmer’s market ingredients!

Get body beautiful by doing some beginner workouts. There’s no need to be an advanced fitness fanatic, because you can take advantage of our onsite amenities when you start with the basics. Learn the mechanics, before adding weight to the following exercises:

  • –Lunges
  • –Squats
  • –Push-ups

Should you only have 10 minutes per day to exercise, incorporate squat jumps, sprints, goblet squats, walking lunges and treadmill runs into gym sessions. Remember that much of the body’s power comes from the core, therefore you should refrain from using machines or equipment that take core stabilization away.

Why not make things fun by writing exercises on a whiteboard to keep track and competing against neighbors?

The Altis Sand Lake Apartments with fitness centers in Orlando feature a wide range of amenities for the fitness-focused individual. Contact us to arrange a tour this summer.


Simple Ways to Refresh Your Orlando Apartment Bathroom

You do not have to completely revamp an apartment in Orlando to refresh each room. Take your bathroom for example; you can freshen up the vibe by making a few simple changes.

  • bathroom

    A well stocked bathroom
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    –Clean It Up: Lay out all of your items so you can get them out of the way while taking inventory. Wipe down the entire bathroom, including the areas you usually overlook, and freshen up this space.

  • –Get Rid of Unwanted Items: Once you are finished wiping down the bathroom, turn your focus to your toiletries, accessories and personal care products. You want to get rid of expired or broken products, and place duplicates in your closet until you need them.
  • –Organize Your Items: Use a shower caddy, drawer dividers or small mason jars to organize the items you are keeping in the bathroom.
  • –Spice Up Your Accessories: Change up the vibe of your bathroom with a few new accessories. You would be surprised at how much a new shower curtain or towels can make a difference.

How do you refresh your bathroom? Post your ideas to our Altis Sand Lake Facebook page. And to learn more about living in a new apartment in Orlando, be sure to contact us today.


Short on Storage? Check Out these Space Saving Ideas

Most of us just never seem to have enough space. When you’re trying to free-up space, be it tossing old household goods, boxing it all up and spending money on a storage unit, give these smart space saving apartment living tips a try.

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    A lightly decorated shelving unit
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    –Hang an inexpensive plastic shoe bag on the inside of your bedroom closet door and use it to hold scarves, socks, undergarments and clothing care items like lint rollers and stain removal pens.

  • –Display your jewelry as a work of art. Cover a bulletin or cork board with colorful wrapping or vinyl paper. Then use thumbtacks with decorative heads to artfully arrange necklaces, pendants and bracelets.
  • –Stack your suitcases by size (smallest to largest) and use as a nightstand or end table. This is also a great way to free up closet space.
  • –Pick up a pack of child sized coat hangers at the dollar store and use them to hang up flip-flops and sandals.
  • –Try easy to put together shelving units in place of a bulky dresser or chest. Keep those unmentionables cleverly hidden in plain sight in decorative wicker baskets.

Altis Sand Lake offer homes that are large enough for all of your stuff and needs. Please contact us today for information on our one- and two-bedroom apartments.